Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Be My Light

Hold me darkness,

Hold me tight.

The world has collapsed,

All is night.

With a grinding crunch,

Everything stopped spinning.

Cold is the air,

Fear is winning.

In my corner,

All curled up.

Whimpering in fright,

Like a newborn pup.

Waiting for the light,

Illuminate my misery.

Take me by the hand,

Turn sorrow to history.

This tomb is sealing,

My heart is weakening.

All is night,

Until you sing to me.

Flower of Blood

Upon the grassy meadow I lay,

Amidst the flowers of sunny May.

I see a yellow daffodil,

Hear the birds of yonder hill.

My knees shattered,

Hands bitter cold,

The bullet in my stomach,

Fierce and bold.

Fixed stare at the West,

Watching the yellow sun rest.

Sweet smell of the valley,

Brings memories of my dear Sally.

Screech of the machines,

Twitching my ears.

Enemy of ten-thousand flames,

Torture and sear.

Back in the fields again,

Harvest, family, nature and friends.

About the tractor the children dance,

Farm dog in his sleepy trance.

The dark Sheppard arrives,

With his lean staff.

Cry of the devil,

Chills the night.

Twisted sinews,

Chips of bone.

With the daffodil now red,

The forsaken freed in death.

(In memory of all those deceased in conflict)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silent Ravings

What a day to write my first blog post! Its just about to rain with the thunder rolling in the background, I'm looking up guitar tabs to one of my favorite songs my speakers screaming out metallica's' The Unforgiven too... the perfect setting.

I'll keep this one short... The current background forces my contemplation... Why does everything add up to nothing? Why do we do what we do? Why do we accept a common standard? Why don't we ask why?... but of course you've queried yourself before. What we know this world to be is that image which we see in our minds.

And so the chaos of the universe if actually in our minds. A simulation of everything that happens can be conjured right in our heads. The more we look inside the more we understand the outside. There's a whole world in our control, to test and play around with every possibility. A world that can't be described within the primitiveness of English syllables.

Most of us are afraid to experiment with or just overlook this world. They're just missing the opportunity to actual understand how everything works. Missing the chance to rest they're souls gathering a sneak peek at the reality of life.

So watch your inner silent ravings. Learn from them. Living would never be a burden ever again. Till next time....