Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Behind These Walls

And as I sit here all alone I think about all the attempts I've ever made. Each time only wishing for the best for the other person and yet each time getting burnt over and over till the scars scorch right through.

I only wish that we could talk, sit together alone under a tree on a hill with the green grass and in view of the sea as we both like it and open ourselves to each other like we've never done before, but always come so close to doing.

Sometimes as I look back into your life I wonder I the absences you made were not intentional at all. Maybe i wasn't actually that significant. Maybe you never thought of me as anyone important because I never pretended like the others.

And other times I blame myself beyond repair for missing out on that possible chance. Is it possible I was distracted? Confused? Yes that for sure. But we both know of the bond. For sure there was something between us.

But how can I ask you when your so far away. When i think about I feel something bleeding inside me. I question the high walls around me all day. They stare back at me and all i hear is the silence. Are you dead on the inside. If so I have the fire to relight your flame.

The only question is my friend... where are you today?

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